Over 1.445.836 residential burglaries are reported every day by the police to the judicial authorities.

1.445.836 residential thefts in one year, practically 3 every minute. This is the alarming statement of the number of residential burglaries recorded by Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Union.

Houses are being robbed everywhere: day and night, burglars act alone or in gangs, often defying the helpless inhabitants that are at home. And while thefts are on the rise, homeowners are increasingly concerned and no longer feel safe in their own homes.

In un caso su tre il ladro entra in casa da una porta o finestra lasciate aperte

It seems absurd but one of the most commonly used methods for a thief to enter a house is by using a window or door that has been left open, in other words by taking advantage of a trivial distraction.

It is therefore very important to use anti-intrusion systems that do not need to be activated in order to function, such as the SmartBlock system in order to avoid “unpleasant surprises”

The trick that burglars use to enter houses has been revealed.

One of the latest methods devised by thieves to enter our homes is shown on the next page:
with a silenced drill they drill a hole in the window frame then they insert an iron rod with a rotating tip which they use to move the handle and open the window with extreme ease.

It is estimated that with this method a criminal gains access to a household in just 20 seconds.

metodo con cui i ladri entrano in casa dalla finestra

The solution for living serenely is SmartBlock!

What is SmartBlock?

The SmartBlock anti-intrusion system consists of a special rose that obstructs the rotation of the window or door handle thus preventing burglars from entering, for example, by drilling a hole in the frame and introducing a tool.

SmartBlock can be fitted on any type of frame and can be personalized with over 80 handles.


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maniglia con sistema antintrusione antifurto
sistema antintrusione SmartBlock

Here’s SmartBlock in action.

Unlike the first cartoon, here the thief is unable to open the window because rotation of the handle is prevented by the SmartBlock system, which functions 24-7; and so the inhabitants of the house can live serenely and peacefully and as for the thief…well, all he can do is run away!

SmartBlock previene i furti e impedisce ai ladri di entrare in casa

Unlike other anti-intrusion systems, SmartBlock works 24-7-365, thus giving us the certainty and peace of mind that our home is always protected.

premi dietro la maniglia per sbloccare il sistema antintrusione

The system is easily unblocked: the rose is simply pressed with two fingers and the handle is turned (90°); when the handle is once more in the closed position (0°) then the SmartBlock anti-intrusion system starts functioning again.

gira la maniglia per aprire in sicurezza la finestra

When a room is aired and the handle is brought to the vasistas position (180°), the SmartBlock system functions automatically keeping us safe and protected in this mode also.

rilascia la maniglia per bloccare la finestra

Watch the video presentation.


The advantages.

Over 80 models
and 15 finishes.

Thanks to the wide range of available models and finishes, finding the right model for each room is easy and fun.

Reliable and safe
in all situations.

The absence of mechanical components together with the high quality standards, guarantee a highly reliable and long-lasting product.

Always in operation.

Compared with traditional security systems, for example those that require a key, the SmartBlock system does not need to be activated in order to function.

Also safe
for children.

SmartBlock is also particularly useful in the presence of children, protecting them from potentially dangerous situations (e.g. accidental openings).

Economical and
easy to install.

The lower purchase cost compared to other anti-intrusion systems and the extreme ease of installation make SmartBlock accessible to everyone.

Can be installed on
all types of window.

The SmartBlock system can be installed on all types of window fixtures (PVC, wood, aluminium and mixed materials).

Download the brochure.

brochure sui furti in abitazione e azienda

At the side of the professionals.

The invisible Smartblock anti-intrusion system is also an excellent choice for carpenters and producers of window fixtures. Thanks to the great reliability resulting from the attentive design of the system and the high standard of quality of Linea Calì, combined with the wide range available and low purchase cost, SmartBlock is an excellent opportunity to stimulate sales and offer clients a product that is better than that of the competition.

SmartBlock can be installed on any type of fixture (windows and French windows with hinged opening, top-hung, tilt and turn, pivot, etc.) and all the main materials (PVC, wood, aluminium, iron and mixed materials). For further technical information request a visit from a technician who will show you all the technical details.

Ask for a free visit with one of our sales engineers.

Contact us and ask for an appointment with one of our sales engineers who will bring you a sample product to show you all the most important technical details.

During the meeting, you will also be shown all the marketing tools that Linea Calì can offer you in order to present this new product to your clients.

You can ask for and plan the free appointment by contacting us filling in the inquiry form. What are you waiting for? It’s free!



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